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Updated: Aug 23, 2022

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Meetings are a powerful way for organizations to convey messages, make decisions, and share knowledge. With the ZOOM Cloud Meetings, you can leave your physical office behind and work more professionally than ever before. However, meetings have always been tricky to pull off in many settings as they usually require open space or cameras that can be used during meetings or conferences.

The ZOOM Cloud Meetings app has made it easy for people from the most remote locations to open up their laptops and join you in the meeting. This is a great way for teams in distant places like; the U.S. and China to connect and professionally discuss matters related to their business. You can download ZOOM Meetings App to get started.

Updates Of ZOOM Meetings app

The latest version of ZOOM app was released on Aug 23, 2022. It can be used on various devices and operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows 10, Mac OS, and Linux. That is why; it is one of the most supported web conferencing applications in the modern business world.


There are new features added to ZOOM Cloud Meetings in the latest update:

Meetings form anywhere in the world: The new Meetings can be shared with the recipients instantly, no matter where they are located. ZOOM Cloud Meeting will be a base for all your meetings and events.

Smart Group Management: Now, you can manage any individual or group of people you want to keep in touch with whenever and wherever needed. This means there will be no need to create separate accounts for various individuals or groups. Instead, you can use the ZOOM Cloud Management panel to do it quickly and effectively.

Shareable Screen: Now, you can share your screen with anyone anywhere in the world. This feature is extremely useful for businesses needing high-quality presentations or reports.

Full HD Video Support: The new version of ZOOM app incorporates full HD video support that resolves all kinds of streaming issues and glitches.

Receive and Make Phone calls: The new version of ZOOM Cloud Meetings supports various device-enabled phone calls. You can now receive and make phone calls during business meetings or events.

Monitor and Control: If you are hosting a meeting or conference, you have full control over your participants. You can monitor their screen from your end and ask them questions depending on the subject matter being discussed.


  • It is a professional platform that has the feature of audio and video, screen sharing, and online voice call as well.
  • You can easily print your meeting notes and documents to prevent any mistakes while making the meeting.
  • You can also share your document with all participants through the internet.
  • It provides you with complete transparency of all the meeting’s activities.
  • You can also use other features like a shared whiteboard, links to documents and folders, etc.


  • It is not free software, but you can have it for a considerable amount.


You can download the app as ZOOM Cloud Meeting software is one of the best software in the business world. It allows you to make high-definition meetings and conferences with anyone from anywhere in the world. Try this app now.

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ZOOM Cloud Meetings

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