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Updated: Sep 15, 2022

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WeatherBug is one of the most popular weather apps available today. It offers accurate weather predictions, lightning alerts, and other useful weather information. While most people only care about the day-to-day weather forecast, lightning and other weather conditions are often threatening, and it is vital to know what to expect when planning an outdoor activity.

WeatherBug provides the freshest weather data, providing 2.6 million locations worldwide with the most accurate 10-day forecast in the industry. The app’s features include extended forecasts, hourly weather forecasts, and real-time pinpoint weather forecasts. The app also provides weather alerts for thunderstorms and a permanent connection to the National Hurricane Center.

It is also compatible with Android’s notification bar, making it easy to access when the weather changes. Furthermore, it offers a variety of custom settings, which makes it a practical weather monitoring application.

  • Premium Version

The premium version of What is Weather by WeatherBug offers ad-free access to weather data. Besides allowing users to view the forecast offline, the premium version also has extra features, such as pollen counts, wind speed, and air pressure. Another bonus is the ability to touch the map and access local weather forecasts from anywhere in the world. Overall, WeatherBug is one of the most useful weather apps available on Android & iOS. It has a clean interface, which makes it easy to use.

  • No widgets

The WeatherBug app can be found on most mobile devices. It provides detailed reports on the current weather conditions. The weather data is provided in Fahrenheit, and users can get a three-day forecast. The forecast shows the highs and lows for the next three days. It also displays a general weather icon and arrows that point to consecutive days. In addition, the app allows users to look up a week in advance.

  • Air pollution levels

The WeatherBug app provides real-time and personalized air pollution levels for any location. The app is aimed at educating users about the effects of air pollution and is designed to minimize exposure to dangerous airborne pollutants. Its air quality tool is able to provide hyperlocal street-level views and forecast updates for up to 16 hours in advance. It analyzes which pollutants have the most harmful effects on human health and gives a complete overview of the pollution levels in a city. It also provides fine particle information, including those causing health problems.

  • Additional Tools

It has several useful features, including a gardening forecast and a planning day tool. It also sends alerts when different fruits and vegetables are in season. While the weather app is not a perfect fit for everyone, it is still an excellent option. Just make sure you have enough space on your home screen for the widget. Other features that come with the app include maps of weather data, pollen counts, and other information about your local weather. Weatherbug also has a battery monitoring feature, and you can change the units of measurement to get the information that you need.

  • Cost

Although the app is free, it does come with some in-app purchases. Users can choose to pay a few dollars for extra features, such as traffic alerts, pollen levels, and wind speed. A $1.99 monthly subscription allows users to remove ads and enjoy a variety of features, including an AQI card.

The new version of the Weather by WeatherBug app has a slew of useful features and is available for free download for iOS & Android. These include Reliable forecasts, Air quality monitoring, and a customizable start-up screen. This app is great for anyone who is always on the go. It’s free to download WeatherBug app, and you can also purchase a version without ads.

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