javascript – Find out how to get the Android or iOS App Origin Headers?


I created an api for my all my customers to have the ability to retrieve with corresponding information. I might restriced the api endpoints with apiKey, and origin from the headers.

Solely permit to devour my api information by checking these particular origin and api_key from the headers.

I don’t know the way to I get to restric for the cell app. A few of my customers are utilizing my api with by constructing their very own api. I do wish to rectrict them to devour my api’s information by limiting origin similar to I’m doing for the web site.

The primary query is “How do I get the precise app of their orign tackle similar to we’re coping with for the online frontend browser?

These are the pattern to guard my very own api endpoint which I might written in NextJS.

// Examine headers username and api_key
    const username = req.headers.username
    const api_key = req.headers['api_key']

    // Solely permit web site with orign title can retrieve information
    const origin = req.headers.origin

    // if the consumer is utilizing Cellular Machine then prohibit the entry
    // I might solely examine who're retrieve my api from their finish by utilizing user-agent
    if (req.headers['user-agent'].consists of('Cellular')) {
            standing: 'error',
            message: 'Entry denied',

    const customers =
        (person) =>
            person.username === username &&
            person.api_key === api_key &&
            origin ===

    // If person will not be discovered
    if (!customers) {
            standing: 'error',
            message: 'Unauthorized',

Any ideas could be admire it. 🙂


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