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Updated: Sep 9, 2022

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The wave of technology has hit mankind, and its charisma is increasing day by day. Now we are not only limited to gadgets like tablets, mobile phones or watches. The advancement of technology has grabbed every corner of our home. We are going to discuss about none other than Google Home App.

From Chromecast to thermostat – Google Home can control everything.  This single application can keep control over thousands of home products or gadgets like Wi-Fi Chromecast, Google Nest, etc. This is the new managing app developed by Google LLC. Google Home was released on 18th July 2013. This application has reached millions of downloads, and it is still updating to become a better version for the future. “Google Home” – the name is enough to prove its productivity.

What are the features which made Google Home App universally famous?

No doubt Google Home has reached such an impressive number of downloads, and it’s still increasing day by day. We cannot imagine a day without using Google. You need to understand how to utilise Google Home well. So learn about the features of Google Home to make the best use of it.

  • The power app

You may have multiple gadgets from Google. Do you think it will be easier to keep separate applications for every gadget? It will be very inconvenient for a user to utilize and understand google home app. So, Google has presented the power app for all the solutions. Google Home is the mastermind which controls every gadget of Google in your home; starting from light, camera, thermostat, Google Wi-Fi, Google Nest, etc. Everything comes under the control of Google Home.

  • Support Google Assistant

With the Google Home application, you can communicate with Google Assistant functionally. The Google Assistant can follow all of your commands and do the tasks, accordingly you ask for. Let it be switching on the speaker or turning on the camera – the Google Assistant will be ready for the demand. Keep your virtual assistant handy.

  • Never miss out date or routine

The Google Home will be able to keep track of the date, month, year and everything. Once you set up your routine, it will remind you every time you miss something. Many people prefer Google Home because it keeps you connected to the workplace. You can get the notifications instantly even though you are far away from the gadget.

  • Simply command

Forget about turning back to your phone every time you have to change something. When you have Google Home, you can connect gadgets and applications. You can command the Google Home and get everything done within minutes.

  • Security

This multitasking application can also protect your private data. Google Home is known well for identifying any abnormal activities and alert the owner. It has an advanced security infrastructure. Use this to increase security and be safe.

  • Further family

The name “Google Home” is enough because it controls everything. The name Google Home was given because it not just only controls everything in your house, but this application takes care of your family members. It can track the activity and let all family members make the best use of gadgets and apps.

How do you install Google Home app?

To this date, Google Home is in huge demand because this app is not only limited to entertainment. Google Home will also help to control the doorbell and Wi-Fi and take care of the home security like co-alarm, lock, and camera and so on. Do you want to know how to install Google Home?

  • Download the app first from Google PlayStore. You need an active Wi-Fi connection to install the app on your device.
  • Go to the setting and connect the application with all the gadgets. Choose the gadgets you want to connect with Google Home.
  • Give a command, and Google Home will fulfil it. This app will support Netflix, YouTube, and music and let you know about plans.

Now you have more ideas about google home app and how fabulous it is. You can get this mini version of an assistant that can control every part of the house; it is time to celebrate Google Home. This is nothing but a mother app that controls and managers every single gadget in your home. Try out the latest version of Google Home app and have fun.

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