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Updated: Sep 19, 2022

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A mobile banking app that has your back, Chime allows you to keep your money safe with their security features without charging any monthly fees.

Chime app is a multipurpose mobile app that helps keep track of your checking account and savings account and also help you build credit with a secured Credit Builder Card.

Chime is a financial technology company and not a bank. Banking Services are provided by Stride Bank N.A. or The Bancorp Bank; Members FDIC.

There are no minimum balance requirements for opening an account through this app. And there are no maintenance fees required either. You can download Chime app to get started.


  • Chime app allows you to opt for two account options- a checking account and a savings account. The checking account allows you to overdraw from your account by up to $20.
  • The app is compatible with both Google Pay and Apple Pay- meaning you wouldn’t have to worry about compatibility with payment apps.
  • Chime allows access to 60,000 ATMs all over the country without charging any fee for it.
  • The Chime Savings Account provides you a highly competitive Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of about 0.50% as compared to other online banks.
  • The Round Ups feature of the app helps to automatically save. Usage of the Chime Debit Card ensures that a round up amount to the nearest dollar is transferred to your savings account.
  • The Chime Credit Builder Card feature is specifically designed for people who want to build credit. There is no security deposit, annual fee or interest to avail the Credit Builder secured card.
  • The app is designed to have easy access to your accounts and to efficiently manage your money. Account balance notifications are prompt after purchases.
  • Disable your card via the app if you misplaced your card. No customer service calls necessary at all.


  • No maintenance fees or minimum balance requirements for using Chime. Open your Chime accounts without having to stress about these things.
  • Chime comes with automated tools that can help better your financial habits over time.
  • The app gives you access to more than 60,000 ATMs across the nation. Chime also helps you build a good credit score without any fees or credit checks for the same.


  • You cannot avail any kind of in-person service from Chime. The app is designed to cater to most of your needs, but there is no personal assistance from the company.
  • When you withdraw money from an ATM that is out-of-network, Chime assesses $2.50 as withdrawal fee.


If you are looking for a banking app that takes care of your finances and helps you build credit too, then Chime app is the best fit for you.

This multipurpose mobile banking app is available for both Android and iOS users. Chime is designed to provide its users with easy access to good financial management tools.

With almost no requirements for maintaining a minimum balance, or any kind of maintenance fees, Chime has proven to be one of the best financial apps out there.

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Chime – Mobile Banking

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