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Blink Home Monitor app completely predicates on the security of the premises like home or office. The objective of this app is to link the entire house of the user with their personal mobile phone by serving them a high-quality HD video so that they can keep an eye on the premises in their absence too.

Blink is an affordable app in the sense that it works impressively on the HD cameras available in a reasonable price range. It means anyone can install a high-functioning camera at their home and take huge advantage by using the Blink app. There are different profiles of the cameras available that can be linked with the app to provide complete visualization of the home or office from every side. Consumers love the app as it has helped them secure their houses and offices so that they can immediately make necessary decisions in the case of any alarming notification or emergency.


Some of the noteworthy features of Blink Home Monitor app are:

  • Multi-Functional App: It can handle multiple devices like HD cameras ranging from smaller in size to larger conveniently so that the user can use this one app easily.
  • Multiple-Senses App: – The app allows the user to see, hear, and talk with the help of their mobile phone in an emergency situation.
  • Customized Alerts:  The person can customize the notifications or the alerts for the visitors they want to get the alerts about.
  • Quick Updates:  The app can update you anytime a person visits your home or office.
  • High Quality Videos: The HD videos and premium quality cameras allow a vivid view of the premises without blurring the video at all.


  • It is free to install and does not require any subscription.
  • Completely easy for user navigation and control.
  • Freedom of specifying the updates and notifications.


  • Some features require a subscription. Most of the users can’t afford the monthly subscription fee of the Blink app.
  • While using the app there are too many glitches and complication occur in the cloud.
  • It is very difficult to remove the previously recorded and saved videos present in the application.


The blink home monitor app can prove to be your lifesaver when you are planning to go on a long drive with your family or leaving the house for a field trip or business trip, as in your absence, any trouble can cause you a big loss like house breach, theft or robbery because these are some of the common cases where thefts can be easily executed in the absence of family members. This is why the users of Blink are now satisfied because they know that they will get immediately updated on the slightest suspicious movement outside their homes or office buildings.

For this reason, it is better to take the support of this app and secure your house by keeping a low profile and surveillance cameras so that you can be aware of all the happenings nearby your house while you are away. It can handle more than one device and provide a good visualization of the house’s interior and exterior at the same time. It means you can leave your home with the Blink without any doubts and fear. The Blink is a life-changing innovation if you are concerned about leaving your house or office to enjoy some time with your friends or family.

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Blink Home Monitor — Smart Hom

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